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“FlY” spettacolo in concorso al

Rome Theatre Award 2015 di EndlessArtItalia



Sapienza in Movimento

Fondazione Sapienza



Lo spettacolo è un viaggio ma anche un’attesa. E’ insieme scoperta e consapevolezza.

E’ un susseguirsi di delicate atmosfere surreali,  sequenze che strappano il sorriso, che vedono protagonisti esseri mai cresciuti , sinceri fino quasi alla cattiveria, come solo i bambini sanno essere. Ma sono anche creature capaci di grandi sogni e avventure.

Gioco dopo gioco, i clown di Fly, con i loro gesti e i loro sguardi, ci trascinano in un’altra dimensione, ci costringono a vedere il mondo e noi stessi con i loro occhi, insegnandoci un punto di vista di cui poi sarà difficile fare a meno.

Alla fine, il nuovo “ospite” , superata la grande porta, lontana dal circo e dalla terra, non potrà che innamorarsi di quella nuova,

strampalata famiglia.”


Fabio Brandolino, Gaia Alimenti, Andrea Corriero , Marcella di Giacomo

Silvia Malatesta, Maria Lacchei, Gianluca Mazzanti, Agnese Mobilia

Roberta Riccardi, Elisa Vitarelli, Deialnira Russo

Regia di Valerio Pollo                      

In scena, per il concorso nazionale Rome Theatre Awards 2015

          Fonderia delle Arti, 

         Via Assisi 31  Roma                                       

06 marzo 2015 alle ore 21,00


Rome immersed in Wonder for a night

Rome immersed in Wonder for a night

“Alice in Wonderland,”an exclusive JTI event in the heart of the Rome Film Festival

Guest of honour for the evening Richard Gere 

On Sunday October 19th, the fascinating scenario of the Lanterna, the iconic space by renowned Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas in the city centre, was the venue for the exclusive “Alice in Wonderland” dinner party, organized by JTI, event partner of the Rome Film Festival.

The guests included Richard Gere, who presented the European premiere ofTime Out Of Mind directed by Oren Moverman, in which he plays George, a homeless man who lives on the streets of New York. A demanding, intense film, greeted with great interest by the audience of the Rome Fim Festival as one of the most interesting directorial experiments of the festival; and yet another great performance by the actor. An enchanted evening, thanks to the suggestive entertainment by Swing Circus, inspired by the famous novel by Lewis Caroll, in a unique location, the result of a recent architectural renovation that gave it a contemporary look. For a night, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts plunged Rome into am imaginative and playful dream, with a colourful mix of music, culture, and cinema.

Joe Dante at Rome FF

Joe Dante special guest at the Festival and New Cinema Network


New Cinema Network (NCN) announces the presence of Joe Dante as the special guest of the International Film Market, within the framework of the Rome Film Festival. The famous director of Gremlins, Piranha, Small Soldiers andThe Hole, will open the proceedings of the meetings organized by NCN in the section “Le Grande Bellezze”, the special showcase (eight projects from six countries: Brazil, China, Egypt, Italy, Luxembourg, United States) conceived and supported with determination by Director Marco Müller, and dedicated to film projects that promote Italy as a partner of excellence, with the purpose of reinforcing the central role and value of our country as both an ideal set and support for production and funding.

On Sunday 19, Monday 20 and Tuesday October 21, Joe Dante and his producer Elizabeth Stanley will participate in a one-to-one meeting of the NCN at the Hotel Bernini Bristol, to meet potential co-producers for the “Ombra Amore” project, the new film by the director from New Jersey, who with his usual sense of humour, his love of cinema and horror films in particular, invents a love story between a vampire and a werewolf in underground Rome, populated by strange creatures.

Dante himself likes to define his project as a sort of Romeo and Juliet among Rome’s vampires and werewolves in today’s economic crisis: Pete is a young werewolf belonging to a ferocious clan of stock market speculators, some of whom bear great responsibility for the current Italian economic crisis. Maggie is a vampire whose family belongs to the ancient aristocracy, fallen and impoverished because of the voracious appetites of the werewolves.

At the Rome Film Festival, Joe Dante will present the restored version of Kill Baby Kill (Thursday October 16th at 10:30 pm in Sala Petrassi), and will be a guest Friday October 17th at 11 am in the Spazio Rai Movie for a conversation with the audience moderated by Marco Giusti and Steve Della Casa, where he will talk about the golden age of “Gothic Italian” cinema, of genre cinema in Italy and its influence on Joe Dante’s cinema.


With his legendary The Movie Orgy, Joe Dante attracted the attention of Roger Corman, together with whom in 1975 he made Hollywood Blvd. The American director and producer’s most famous cult films include: The Howling, The Twilight Zone: The Movie Segment, Gremlins and Gremlins 2 – The New Batch, The Explorers, The ‘Burbs, Matinee, Small Soldiers, Looney Tunes Back in Action, The Hole 3D and Burying the Ex.

Furthermore, for television, Joe Dante has filmed Amazon Women on the Moon, Amazing Stories, The Twilight Zone, Night Visions, Picture Windows, Runaway Daughters, The Second Civil War, CSI: New York, Masters of Horror (The Screwfly Solution and The Homecoming), Hawaii 5-0, The Witches of East End and the pilot episodes of The Osiris Chronicles and Eerie, Indiana.